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Via Meadia’s Holiday Schedule

Season’s greetings to all; on this Friday before Christmas the mighty machine that is Via Meadia shifts into holiday gear. Between today and New Year’s Day we’ll be dividing our attention between the blog and our friends and families at this special time of year. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our duties here; besides fresh posts every day, our traditional Yule Blog, the thirteen posts of Christmas running from Christmas Eve through the Feast of Epiphany on January 6 has been updated, refreshed and in some ways rethought.

We’ll also be keeping our eyes open for important news to share with our readers and if the world situation heats up we will put the mince pies and the fruitcakes aside to blog them for you. Barring really big news, however, don’t expect much from us on Christmas Day or January 1. On January 2 we will be back at full force and during the next couple of months we will be rolling out some improvements and upgrades we’ve been planning for most of the fall.


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