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Pakistan’s Desperation: Kill Phone Service to Stop Bombs

If you’re in Pakistan this weekend, you shouldn’t rely on your cell phone. The BBC reports:

On Friday, mobile phone services were temporarily blocked in parts of the capital Islamabad, the southern port city of Karachi, and in Quetta in the south-east.

The authorities said that more areas would be cut off over the weekend – the climax of the holy month of Muharram for Shias.

“More than 90% of bomb blasts have been carried out through mobile sims,” Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik told reporters.

“Most recently, all the blasts that occurred in the last 15 days were mobile phone-based,” he added.

Authorities have cut cellphone service in 50 cities as of Saturday; even so, at least seven people were killed when a deranged loon confused God with the Devil and bombed a religious procession earlier today. Pakistan’s Sunni crazies are trying to take advantage of this time of year, when many Shia pilgrims are grouped together in religious processions. That the government is forced to shut down basic infrastructure services in order to prevent bloodshed among its people just about tells you everything you need to know about where things are headed. This is not the mark of a healthy society and the deepening descent of what ought to be an enlightened and progressive country into a spiral of poverty, bigotry and murder both saddens and frightens all those around the world who would like Pakistan and Pakistanis to be heading toward rather than away from the light.

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