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Reader Mailbag: Was the Polish President’s Plane Bombed?

A reader follows up on our news write-up from earlier this week titled “Was the Polish President’s Plane Bombed?“:

I just wanted to clear some facts on the story – the military attorney general has refuted the claims that there was TNT found on the wreckage that would include a possibility of a bomb. The newspaper that reported the claim has publicly apologized.

That is not to say that it is certain there was no bomb. The attorney general said that there indeed were traces of TNT found “as well as nearly every possible element from the Mendeleyev’s table” as a result of the plane’s explosion in the crash. There will now be conducted a 6-month additional examination as to whether the TNT is definitely not from any explosives, but a natural occurence in a disaster such as this one. Further short info at the Warsaw Business Journal (in English).

I just don’t want to see a quality scholar of international relations like you to become misinformed about my homeland. So far there is no evidence that it was anything but a catastrophe. People who claim otherwise – the right-wing opposition led by late mr. Kaczynski’s brother – are dead-certain that it was an assasination, based on no evidence whatsoever. They also claim that Poland is not an independent country but is secretly run by Germany and Russia; that the free and government-bashing media are “Polish-speaking” pawns of the occupation government and the country’s president is (stay with me on this, it’s complicated) not who he thinks he is, but instead his entire family has been secretely slaugthtered by Bolshevik Jews who then took on their identity, only the president is not aware of this (sic!). Mr. Kaczynski is a man who has famously stated: “The lack of evidence is in itself an evidence, since somebody had wanted to remove it”. These are his exact statements.

Via Meadia would just like to point out that we think we were adequately skeptical of the story in our original write-up. But we’re always happy to publish clarifications, explanations and further thoughtful analysis from our readership. So please keep it coming!

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