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Andrew Sullivan Attacks Left-Wing Intolerance

For years, one of the main conceits of the American left has been that that it is a stalwart defender of tolerance against a bigoted and intolerant right wing. But the constant attacks on Mormonism in liberal papers, to name only one such prejudice, have made it abundantly clear that left-wing bigotry and intolerance are far more common than the Left cares to admit.

This week, Andrew Sullivan took a far-left radio host to task for his suggestion that a gay man planning to vote for Romney should kill himself and lamented the lack of outcry from tolerant voices on the left:

Actually, it was just Sirius’s far left radio host Michelangelo Signorile who did it – but imagine if it had been Limbaugh. Wouldn’t every gay group be assailing him for hate speech? Why the advice to commit suicide – a pretty raw topic given recent events for gay teens? Because the caller had the gall to say he was gay and voting for Romney. Signorile told him to go to a store, get some arsenic, make a potion and take it. He also said that low-information voters like his listener should not be allowed to vote at all. The gay left: one of the last bastions of tolerance. I learned that the hard way.

Via Meadia doesn’t always agree with Andrew Sullivan on questions of tolerance. For somebody who crusades against intolerance, he doesn’t seem to have much understanding of or sympathy with religions whose teaching he doesn’t like: most notably with Judaism and circumcision, and Mormonism in general.

But it’s good to see Sullivan standing up for the rights of Romney supporters not to be hated and vilified just because they happen to be gay.

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