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Clinton Arrives in Algeria to Push Mali Invasion


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday sought Algeria’s assistance for any future military intervention in Mali, pressing North Africa’s most stable nation to provide intelligence — if not boots on the ground — to help rout the al-Qaida-linked militants across its southern border.

Clinton, on the first stop of a five-day trip overseas, met with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika as the United States and its allies ramp up preparations to fight northern Mali’s breakaway Islamist republic.

The plan would see Mali’s embattled government in the south and its West African neighbors taking the military lead, with the United States and European countries in support.

This is more evidence the global war on terror is nowhere near over. The Obama administration, which plans to be hunting terrorists in the far corners of the globe for decades, looks set to get involved in an invasion of Mali to destroy what has become a base of operations for al-Qaeda in a sparsely populated and basically ungoverned region of Africa.

This is also a consequence of another invasion: NATO’s misadventure in Libya. Weapons and mercenaries came flooding to Mali after Qaddafi’s defeat. We are now reaping the consequences of that decision, ‘leading from behind’ into yet another war, even as the much more strategically vital country of Syria spirals uncontrollably toward chaos, and the radical presence there grows.

Thanks goodness the President who did all this isn’t a Republican; otherwise the media just might be upset.

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