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FT Preps Europe: Obama Might Lose

You know that the presidential election is narrowing considerably when the foreign press is starting to perspire at the prospect of a Republican victory. If Governor Romney does indeed prevail, we can gird ourselves for provincial headlines from global periodicals on November 7 along these lines.

Like most people, and especially most elites outside the U.S., FT readers overwhelmingly hope Obama will be re-elected. Until this week, they were getting very little indication that that wouldn’t happen.

But something in the president’s approach to the second debate convinced the FT that the unthinkable is real. The president could actually lose:

Barack Obama acted like the underdog, with an often snarling tone seemingly designed to goad Mr Romney to replying in kind, an invitation the challenger largely resisted.

The FT offers a slender reed of hope for its European readers by noting the president’s putative advantages in the ground game, as well as his narrow lead in current polls in Ohio.

If Romney does win, he will need to reach out very quickly to political and opinion leaders around the world. If he does not, impressions could form very quickly that would be extremely difficult to change and could make it much more difficult for the new administration to maintain and restore U.S. credibility in the world.

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