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Et Tu, Jimmy?

In the wake of yesterday’s foreign policy debate, former President Jimmy Carter is in the news today blasting President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu:

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that Netanyahu has decided the one-state option is the one he’s going to pursue,” Mr. Carter said, despite Mr. Netanyahu’s professed commitment to two states, notably in a 2009 speech at Bar Ilan University.

As for Mr. Obama, a fellow Democrat, the former president said, “The U.S. government policy the last two to three years has basically been a rapid withdrawal from any kind of controversy.”

He added: “Every president has been a very powerful factor here in advocating this two-state solution. That is now not apparent.”

At this point in the campaign, Obama would probably rather see stories of Carter criticizing him rather than stories in which Carter hails him as a faithful disciple of the Jimmy Carter School of World Politics.

Nevertheless, what we are seeing here is less a blast from the past than a sign of the future. If Obama is re-elected, Via Meadia expects that the MSM will give him a much tougher time on foreign policy in his second term. As long as re-election was a concern, troublesome issues like Guantanamo, drone strikes, and so on were left to the left fringe of the media—the Nation more than the NYT. But if Obama gets four more years in the White House, the MSM will begin to hone in on these issues and try to push the administration and the country’s foreign policy to the left.

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