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Study Supports Plans To Frack in the Heart of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the densest urban areas in the world, but it has long held a large energy bounty underneath its land. With the development of fracking technology, this bounty is potentially even bigger, providing much-needed funds to cash-strapped California, and well paid blue collar jobs for a metro area with some of the worst inequality in the country. But concerns about the dangers of fracking have been holding back the large-scale development of new wells in the heart of the city.

That may soon change. An extensive year-long study of fracking at Inglewood Oil Field, initiated at the behest of concerned residents and environmental groups and in cooperation with the LA county government, supports the view that  fracking fears are often (though not always) over the top. The Los Angeles Times:

For months, water wells on the 1,200-acre field were monitored. Data from ground and air monitors were collected and analyzed, but no effects were recorded before or after the technique was used, the study says.

“There were eight contributing studies addressing such things as vibrations at the surface, microseismic activity at depth, noise, ground movement measurements, subsidence, groundwater quality, methane in both soil and groundwater,” said Dan Tormey, technical director and principal at Cardno Entrix, the environmental consulting firm that conducted the study. “Each was a study that contributed to the [overall] hydraulic fracturing study.”

California desperately needs an economic revival, and just about anything that promotes a turnaround should have the enthusiastic support of the state’s politicians. But don’t hold your breath. California is a place where politicians would rather think about going into debt to fund high speed rail boondoggles than pump money out of the ground.

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