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Alex Tabarrok Explains Online Ed Venture

Over at Marginal Revolution, blogger-professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok have created an online education platform, Marginal Revolution University. MRU currently offers only one course, in development economics, but plans to offer more as time goes on.

Earlier this week, sat down with Tabarrok to discuss the new course, the higher-education bubble, and the impact of online education:

I use Michael Sandel as a key example. He taught his class on philosophy on PBS to 100,000 students, and I think that the world’s best professors are going to teach more students. Instead of having an adjunct professor at every university teaching principles of economics or teaching development economics, it’s going to be more of a winner-take-all market. . . The best professors in the world will be teaching thousands,  maybe hundreds of thousands of students around the world

Watch the whole thing.

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