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WSJ Auto-Guru Endorses Self-Driving Cars

If you’ve been reading Via Meadia for awhile, you know we’re pretty excited about the prospects for self-driving cars. They may sound like novelty sci-fi to some, but the truth is that auto companies and tech giants like Google are working furiously to put them on the road tomorrow. If they succeed (and initial results are promising), they will completely transform the way we get from point A to point B.

Dan Neil, the Wall Street Journal’s auto guru is the latest to hop on this self-driving bandwagon to the future, recently penning an enthusiastic endorsement of driverless cars as faster, safer, and more convenient than the human-controlled norm. But even more important than these factors, self-driving cars can lead a productivity boom like we’ve never seen before:

The one brilliant part of the U.S. economic profile is productivity. It turns out, Americans are a little nutty when it comes to work.

If autonomy were fully implemented today, there would be roughly 100 million Americans sitting in their cars and trucks tomorrow, by themselves, with time on their hands. It would be, from an economist’s point of view, the Pennsylvania oil fields of man-hours, a beautiful gusher, a bonanza of reverie washing upon our shores.

In the history of human civilization, has there ever been a society to offer so much uninterrupted head space to so many?

Via Meadia welcomes Neil to the ranks of those eagerly awaiting our driverless future.

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