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Japan and North Korea: BFF?

Japan and North Korea are holding their first official face-to-face discussions in four years, according to the BBC. (The two countries currently have no diplomatic relations.) Is this a sign of a friendly future, or will North Korea once again, like Lucy, snatch the football away?

For Japan, there is no downside to testing whether North Korea is ready to change. As we’ve seen in Burma, sometimes good things really can happen in Asia. Repressive governments can see the light. But this doesn’t happen every day, and North Korea has given the world no reason to expect sincerity this time around.

We suggest that Charlie Brown should walk, not run, towards the football. Test North Korea’s intentions, but don’t bet the farm that this time the North is being truthful and straightforward.

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  • Corlyss

    Japan looks east and finds a US weakened in both finances and spirit and run by a cheap ward heeler spouting Sesame Street claptrap about a kinder gentler US leading from behind, using a smaller footprint, wanting to be everyone’s friend.

    It thinks to itself, “Mmmmm. Lesseee. Who’s here, down the street from me, that could blow me to smithereens, and what should I do about it? Can I rely on my patron of 70 years? Well, can I? We need a new plan.”

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