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Heading Home

After about three weeks in the world’s largest democracy, tomorrow night I’ll be heading home to what many see as the world’s most annoying one. Come the weekend, I’ll be back in the stately Mead manor recovering from jet lag and waiting nervously for all the bills from the India trip to come in.

I’ve been so busy on the trip—the U.S. Embassy here and the consulates in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata laid on some demanding schedules in those cities and in Delhi and Srinagar—that I’ve fallen behind in describing my impressions of this stunning and stunningly complicated country on the blog. With luck, in the next few days I’ll catch up.

Even from India, I’ve been able to stay in touch with the team at TAI that works on the blog, sending story ideas, checking in with updates or edits, and from time to time writing a post myself. Thanks to some active guest bloggers and the hard work of the staff, Via Meadia is having a strong August, but I have to say I’ve missed being in closer touch. TAI staffer and WRM research associate Peter Mellgard spent most of the past two weeks traveling with me in India and helped me keep my hand in. Peter is staying a few more days in Kashmir (lucky guy!) and will be rejoining the team next week.

Thanks to all the readers who’ve kept the site active during my travels, and welcome to all who’ve joined the community. It should be an interesting fall, and the team and I will do our best to add some value to your daily news reading through it all.

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  • WigWag

    Grades for the Guest Bloggers:

    Adam Garfinkle: A
    Chris Mead: A
    Roger Berkowitz: C
    John Ellis: F

  • Boritz

    ***After about three weeks in the world’s largest democracy, tomorrow night I’ll be heading home to what many see as the world’s most annoying one.***

    As far as the annoyees, some may think of the Middle East as hyper annoyed with the U.S. Some may think of Asia or Central and South America, but for me the French are paragons of this attitude.

    Ugly American:
    Now you listen to me, Pierre. If it wasn’t for the U. S. of A. you people’d be speakin’ German.

    The French: Oui, and we wanted to speak German. As usual you loused up everything.

  • Gary L

    Have a safe flight, and welcome home.

  • Glen

    Welcome home.

    Please send Roger Berkowitz to Timbuktu. Or Tristan da Cunha. Or anywhere other than Via Meadia.

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