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UN: Taking from the Poor, Glorifying their Dictator

Another day, another celebration of vicious dictators at the United Nations. Reports the New York Times:

UNESCO on Tuesday awarded a prize for research in the life sciences that drew controversy because it was financed by the dictator of Equatorial Guinea, a tiny, repressive and impoverished state. The award was heavily criticized by Western countries and human-rights groups as a misuse of funds by Equatorial Guinea and a stain on the reputation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

You can find other incidents in this sordid series here and here. We certainly don’t dispute the value of the scientists’ work, but does anybody really think that the citizens of Equatorial Guinea deserved to have this money stolen from them by a glory-hungry dictator eager to burnish his own image? Or that the UN had any business taking the blood money and going along with the charade?

There are some awards it’s a shame both to give and to receive. This is one of them.

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  • Kevin

    What else would you expect the club of governments to do? The mission of he UN and it’s agencies is to make governments happy. When the median voters in the US and other democracies want to see their governments give money to the UN, and the dictators want to receive money from the UN, then giving money to dictators is what will happen. It makes everybody with a vote in the UN system happy.

  • Everyman

    There are some institutions that it is shameful for this country to host, or even to recognize.

    What must the UN do to earn, at long last, that acknowledged distinction, and for its diplomats – surely a misnomer – to be found more than worthy of a tar and feathers ceremony and eviction?

  • Corlyss

    “a stain on the reputation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.”

    How could they tell one more from all the others? It’s redundant to say the UN is both a travesty and typical of ideologically driven NGOs (come to think of it, is there any other kind?)

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