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Iran: Protector of the Small, Suppressor of Deadly Weapons

The increasingly bizarre parallel universe known as the United Nations continues to astound. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Iran was recently elected to the 15-member general committee of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty conference currently underway in New York. The conference is supposed to develop a treaty regulating the international sale of conventional arms.

What could possibly go wrong? The Journal‘s editorialists venture a guess:

We’d be laughing if the mullahs weren’t peddling weapons to some of the world’s most murderous operators. Tehran provides Hezbollah and Palestinian terror groups with the missiles they send willy-nilly into Israeli civilian neighborhoods. Iraqi insurgents have Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to thank for access to improvised explosive devices that have killed hundreds of U.S. troops and maimed many more. Two Iranian agents were arrested in Kenya earlier this month with 33 pounds of explosives they allegedly planned to use against American and British targets.

In other words, there’s a lot not to like about a delusional regime being given a privileged spot on a committee involved with international arms control regulation. On the plus side: as the UN continues to slide off the rails, its irrelevance may yet spur the reforms the institution so desperately needs.

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  • Luke Lea

    Does the UN do any useful work nowadays?

  • Susan

    While living in Moscow, Russia 1990-1991 (my ex had controlling shares of Pravda) my ex would speak of the Russian mafia selling all sorts of ordnance to every mid-east kleptocrat (including Saddam Hussein and the Mullaharcy in Iran) who had big oil money.

    Russian mafia isn’t afraid of the UN. I look back to my time in Russia, it reminds me often that America really isn’t the big bad that many Americans have come to believe.

    We are restricted by our own political correct policies diminishing our will to survive and this is suicidal.

    For tyrants and keleptocrats the UN has accomplished extraordinary things, ie starving Iraqis with their Oil For Food, establishing Green-helmet Rape brigadges in the Congo, protecting the barbarians while blaming Israel and Jews etc etc ad nauseum.

  • Lorenz Gude

    I recommend euthanasia as the only civilized course of action for the UN.It carries the worst strains of bureaucratic socialism and colonialism. Call it bureaucratic colonialism – a vile combination of the worst of the 19th and 20 centuries.

  • Walter Sobchak

    #3 Lorenz. I think there is an alternative. The UN should be removed from New York, where it only raises rents and mucks up traffic. All UN offices and personnel should be relocated to Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo. The relocation should be prompt and forcible if necessary. A lot of bad actors would lose interest in the UN if they had to go to a place as miserable as Kinshasa. Socialists are notorious for avoiding poor and uncomfortable places.

  • Kris

    Wlter@4: “Socialists are notorious for avoiding poor and uncomfortable places.”

    That’s odd, as they endeavor so mightily to create them.

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