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CSI: Dead Communist Leaders

How did Vladimir Lenin die? UCLA researchers who specialize in posthumously diagnosing departed dignitaries from Christopher Columbus to Abraham Lincoln have some new ideas:

Stress, family medical history or possibly even poison led to the death of Vladimir Lenin, contradicting a popular theory that a sexually transmitted disease debilitated the former Soviet Union leader, a UCLA neurologist said Friday…

Lurie, a St. Petersburg-based expert in Russian history and politics who also spoke at the conference, said that while Lenin had several strokes, he believes Josef Stalin may finished him off with poison…

Lenin’s health had been growing worse over time. In 1921, he forgot the words of a major speech and he had to learn to speak again and write with his left hand after one stroke…

However, Lurie said Lenin had recovered enough in early 1924 that he celebrated the new year and went hunting. Lenin, who supported Stalin’s rise to power, may have realized he made a mistake and began aligning himself with Leon Trotsky, which caused Stalin to poison Lenin, the historian said.

The question is: will the Kremlin allow medical tests on Lenin’s brain? It looks as if those might cast light on what happened. Via Meadia hopes that President Putin will take the opportunity to allow scholars to see whether more studies can give us more clarity about his death.

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  • Kris

    “How did Vladimir Lenin die?”

    Nowhere near painfully enough.

    “while Lenin had several strokes, he believes Josef Stalin may finished him off with poison”

    What a wuss!

    “CSI: Dead Communist Leaders”

    Collection Still Incomplete.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Stalin killed Lenin. And later on Beria killed Stalin, and then the Politburo executed Beria.

    It is communism that is the poison, not individual communists.

    Only the most demented Upper-Westsider could imagine that Trotsky would have been less murderous than Stalin. Communism = Gulag. Communism = Mass Murder.

    Putin, anxious to protect the “reputations” of his heroes, will not allow a post mortem on Lenin. But, it makes no difference. The evil is not in individual men, it is in Communism. The poison is not a substance, it is Communism.

  • Lorenz Gude

    Well Stalin finished off everyone more senior than himself in the party – most famously Leon Trotsky. From memory something on the order of 14 though that is more likely on the low side than the high. In any case it is clear that Stalin would not have scrupled as such a maneuver. Capital chap, so to speak.

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