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Jar Jar Binks In Fake Iran Missile Shot

Has the world’s most annoying movie character taken up residence in Tehran?

Either that, or inept Iranian news editors have used a fake, photo-shopped picture of a missile into which some prankster had placed the image of the world’s least favorite Star Wars character.

According to The Atlantic Wire, which did heroic detective work in tracking down the origin of a suspicious image published by Iran’s semi-official news agency, a previous photo shopped image of a ballistic missile used in earlier Iranian propaganda became an internet laughingstock, with parodies popping up across the web.

When the Mehrs News Agency needed another image for another story, it took one of the parodies of the original fake photo (into which the Iranians had photo shopped an extra missile in case anyone failed to appreciate just how peaceful their intentions really are) and used it in the new story — apparently not noticing that Mr. Binks was in the shot.

Read the whole thing.

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  • Andrew Allison

    The good news is what this fiasco tells us about the street smarts of the Iranian government! The bad news is that these clowns are obviously capable of truly monumental stupidity.

  • Lorenz Gude

    I think Via Meadia is JarJarphobic. You should all have to watch La Cage aus Folle in the original French until you fully appreciate genius of Jar Jar.

  • Dave

    Photoshopped is one word.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Dave: my instinct is to agree, but WordPress says otherwise.

  • Kris

    WRM@4: WordPress is wrong.

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