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Boko Haram Looks To Extend, Escalate Its Campaign

Boko Haram is getting bolder and expanding its scope of terrorist attacks in Nigeria. The US Embassy in Abuja has warned that the group could target hotels and other targets in Nigeria’s capital that are popular among westerners.

So far, Boko Haram has focused its attacks on churches, schools, and symbols of the national government like police stations. The overwhelming majority of its actions have been confined to the northern, predominantly Islamic states.

Unconfirmed reports suggest, however, that the militants could be looking farther afield, sending arms and other supplies to groups in the oil-rich, violence torn south of the country. An upsurge of violence in the south could have a substantial effect on oil production at a time when global supplies are already tight and prices are high.

Nigeria’s government has been unable to neutralize the threat posed by Boko Haram, which is seemingly expanding its list of targets even as its capability to launch attacks grows. The prospect that terror groups with access to money from the Gulf and other sources could take hold in African states with relatively weak and ineffective governments is one of the things that keeps US and other intel officials up at night.

Boko Haram is steering a course straight for Hell. Let’s hope they turn out to be poor sailors.


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  • Anthony

    WRM, cultural sensibilities are important and ( I posit this without informed judgment) it appears Boko Haram has been initiated in the idea that violence is a good way to acquire power – what are norms (sensibilities) influencing some Islamic areas?

  • Darkwater

    Boko Haram is an up-and-coming threat, and not necessarily with just Nigeria. I published an assessment after the failed hostage rescue attempt last month:

    and again after the Easter church suicide attempts:

    If we can claim (unjustifiably, so far) that we have neutralised al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq, then we should watch North Africa and Yemen. The terrorists hope that it is a wake-a-mole situation that will win in the far-distant end.

  • Luke Lea

    A whiter shade of pale?

  • J R Yankovic

    “Boko Haram is steering a course straight for Hell. Let’s hope they turn out to be poor sailors.”

    And that their prospective imitators – of whatever faith – are more struck by their bad navigation than by their bold venturing into the unknown.

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