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Game of Thrones in the Himalayas

In recent years, the small, mountainous country of Nepal, tucked between India and China, has been best known in international circles as the home of a violent Maoist insurgency. But with the Game of Thrones heating up, Nepal may be taking on a new role on the international stage: a site of proxy competition between India and China.

The Wall Street Journal reports that after weeks of debate in parliament, Nepal has agreed to award the contract for construction of a massive dam to Chinese state-owned company Three Gorges Corp. This dam project, which would produce 750 megawatts of electricity and help provide power to the 40 percent of Nepalese currently living without it, would see profits shared between the Nepalese power authority and the Chinese manufacturer.

This is good news for the millions of Nepalese currently living in the dark, but it is bad news for India, which will chafe at Chinese incursions into a region New Delhi has long seen as part of its sphere of influence. As China and Nepal press forward with this dam and similar projects, India may respond with proposals of its own, seeking to ensure that Nepal does not become a Chinese ally in the Game of Thrones.

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  • Jack

    God help Nepal if the Maoists ever take over. Genocide is an inevitable byproduct of Maoism, whenever and wherever it’s implemented. Mao Zedong is my candidate for the greatest villain in all of history.

  • Kris

    Dear Wen Jiabao, our small country is suffering from a Maoist insurgency. Any advice?

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