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Cuban War on Women Continues

As the Cuban government prepares to welcome Pope Benedict (the second papal visit to the Communist island since the Castro brothers came to power in 1959), its security forces marked the occasion by cracking down on a group of unarmed women peacefully demonstrating for human rights.

As the NYT reports, the “Ladies in White” (Damas de Blanco) organized to protest the arrest of 75 government dissenters in 2003. The Ladies

were the wives and mothers of the 75, who received lengthy sentences but have all been freed, most as part of a 2010 agreement brokered by the Roman Catholic Church that resulted in the release of 130 political prisoners.

The group has grown considerably, and continues to march weekly after Sunday Mass, dressed in white and remaining silent, seeking their loved ones’ release and an end to government repression.

This is an unprecedented sustained public protest against the repressive policies of a failed regime, and the limits of government tolerance are severe. Last Sunday many of these courageous and dignified women were arrested for straying from their strictly prescribed five-block marching route. Others were arrested for attempting to stage a similar march on Saturday night without government approval.

The familiar coalition of the hotheaded and immature (yes, Sean Penn and Michael Moore, among others this means you), together with hard nosed, hard headed lefties who think cracking bourgeois skulls is necessary if you want to build a proletarian utopia, still does its best to shield the Cuban government from the full consequences of its mingled brutality and ineptitude. If Castro were a fascist, the Ladies in White would be the darlings of the press and the intelligentsia. Sean Penn would make movies about them; they would have at least one Nobel Peace Prize by now, and the European left would mention them in the same breath as Palestinian victims of Israeli policies.

But since they have the unhappiness to be protesting in one of the last bastions of the twentieth century’s greatest failure, they mostly march in obscurity, forgotten by a world that should honor them among the great souls of the age.

Cuba remains one of those unhappy countries in which being arrested is a badge of honor; let’s hope that their long and peaceful struggle can inspire a new Cuba to rise one day from the moral and economic ruin of the old.

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  • Geoff M

    “If Castro were a fascist..”? Please, the press and intelligensia have no problems with fascists – see the recent Vogue puff piece on Asma Assad, and the kissie faces made between Sarah Leah Winston of Human Rights Watch and the Qadaffi regime.

    Now if they were being oppressed by Zionists or capitalists, that would be another story.

  • Mark Michael

    Prof Mead asks where Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and the other male hard lefties are in coming to the defense of the Ladies in White of Cuba. What about our leftist women also coming to their defense? Where is Nancy Pelosi, Maureen Dowd, and, oh, yes, Ms. Sandra Fluke?

    Oh, I forgot, they’re so busy being outraged at the male chauvinist right wing GOP oppressors, they don’t have time for being outraged about women who are subject to real, no-kidding totalitarian oppression found just 90 miles off our Florida shores.

  • Maid Abusing Socialist

    And–Aren’t Cuban gays still persucuted by the macho Castro brothers?

    Sean Penn–What can we say about this guy? Happy to ape Harvey Milk and bask in the acolades for this “risqué” role, but happier still to pal around with retrograde homophobic thugs.

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