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To the New York Times: Dial it Back on Syria

What is happening in Syria is terrible, and Butcher Assad needs to go, but that is all the more reason why the press needs to cover this story with care.

On Friday, the NYT ran a long, detailed weeper about the plight of Kurdish refugees fleeing Syria into Iraq.

But somehow the picture doesn’t live up to the hype. “In Iraq, the Kurdish refugees are strangers, welcomed into refugee camps and the homes of family friends and distant relatives, but still living in limbo.” Um, strangers visiting family friends and staying with relatives?

Later, deep into the heart-rending piece, we discover that there are 100 to 500 of these refugees. The author lamely admits this is a “trickle compared with the thousands who have poured into other countries.”

We need stories on Syria, but hot events call for cool heads. The Gray Lady is in danger of losing her balance.

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  • Lorenz Gude

    Agreed on Syria, but I don’t think the New York Times was ever balanced. My father was an FDR liberal who knew he had been lied to about Stalin’s slaughter of the Kulacks and always advised me to read transcripts when available and not trust the reporters. I started reading it in ’56 and fell for their line that Castro was a Social Democrat. By the time of the Bay of Pigs I had lost respect for him because I saw him for what he was. I think the Times is a great Newspaper of the left that enjoys an unjustified level of trust precisely because it successfully pretends to be balanced. Put it this way, when Brit Hume looks into the camera on Fox News and says “Fair and Balanced, we report, you decide” he ain’t mocking the Sacramento Bee.

  • vanderleun

    Balance has not of recent memory been the strong suit of the Pinched NYT. Much in the same way that India got a very large chunk of the paper’s attention and love when Abe Rosenthal was the editor, so the current incarnation has an overweening love for the oppressed middle east of all persuasions under the loving grace of the current regime.

  • Corlyss

    “the NYT ran a long, detailed weeper about the plight of Kurdish refugees fleeing Syria into Iraq.”

    Ever since the newspapers went big for advocacy journalism and the inverted pyramid in story telling, they’ve been virtually incapable of perspective.

  • Matt

    “The Gray Lady is in danger of losing her balance.” You might as well say the ‘Titanic risked an uncomfortable end to her voyage.’ I know that you try to maintain a decorus and gracious spirit in your posts, but please do not let it turn into understatements that do a disservice to a frank expression of the truth.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The circulation and subscription rate of the New York Times has been dropping like a stone, for years because they are so Leftist. We know this is true because other newspapers with a more balanced perspective like the Wall Street Journal, and the Orange County Register have been maintaining a better market share despite internet competition.

  • IcePilot

    You say that almost as if you think the Gray Lady had any balance to lose ….

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