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Hamas Joins Bomb Iran Chorus

Speaking before an AIPAC audience this week, President Obama cautioned against “loose talk of war.” It looks like Hamas didn’t get the memo; it has just added its voice to the hum of speculation about a strike against the Iranian nuclear program. According to The Guardian, the group says it will not support Iran militarily in the event of an Israeli attack:

“If there is a war between two powers, Hamas will not be part of such a war,” Salah Bardawil, a member of the organisation’s political bureau in Gaza City . . . .

He denied the group would launch rockets into Israel at Tehran’s request in response to a strike on its nuclear sites. “Hamas is not part of military alliances in the region,” said Bardawil. “Our strategy is to defend our rights.”

The stance underscores Hamas’s rift with its key financial sponsor and its realignment with the Muslim Brotherhood and popular protest movements in the Arab world.

We have been watching this story unfold for some time, starting with Hamas moving away from Iran toward other sponsors and extending to Arab states and other actors tacitly endorsing an Israeli or American strike on Iran. With the Saudis stepping in to replace Iran as an oil supplier, Arab potentates urging America to “cut off the head of the snake,” and now Hamas saying it will look the other way during a Zionist strike on its own erstwhile sponsor, one could be forgiven for thinking that these folks want such an attack to take place.

Then again, maybe they’re just being manipulated by that nefarious Israel lobby. We wouldn’t put it past them.

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  • Jbird

    This seems to be the same bunch who supported our oustering of Saddam, and then the moment he was gone plenty of Saudi-funded clerics were happy to send their congregants off to kill the crusaders.

  • Jim.

    If the Saudis want us to take out their threatening neighbor instead of doing it themselves, we should absolutely offer to do it…

    …cost plus.

  • Kris

    Jim@2: In the not-so-old days, the quid pro quo would be that the Saudis et al would open wide the throttle on the gas pump, lowering gas prices. This particular Administration is of two minds about this, though.

  • alex scipio

    Seems to me that everyone in the region wants Iran whacked except the model state of Syria.

    So give the Saudis a nuke (one) and stand back.

  • Walter Sobchak

    If you were based in Gaza and Iran were threatening to nuke Israel, it would make you nervous too. A very small navigation error could make you ground zero. It would ruin your day.

  • Kris

    Walter@5, let’s not forget the possibility of Israeli sabotage. If Iran launched a nuclear missile, I wouldn’t want to be in Moscow either… 🙂

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