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Romancing the Brotherhood

Are modern-day Solons from the GOP romancing the Muslim Brotherhood? A WSJ report on a recent senatorial trip to Egypt sure makes it look that way:

Mr. McCain (R., Ariz.) and his delegation of four other senators, three of them Republicans, also hinted at warming relations between conservative American lawmakers and the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian Islamist group whose triumphant performance in parliamentary elections rattled U.S. nerves among U.S. policy makers. . . .

“I was very apprehensive when I heard the election results,” Mr. Graham said on Monday. “But after visiting and talking with the Muslim Brotherhood I am hopeful that . . . we can have a relationship with Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood is a strong political voice.”

In a rather precipitous policy shift, the Obama Administration, now with some Republican support, has decided to parlay with the Brotherhood. How this diplomacy will play out remains to be seen, but neither of these developments is good news for the mullahs in Iran, who had hoped that the rise of Islamic parties across the Middle East would coalesce support for their defiance of the United States.

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  • Kenny

    John McCain — never fails to play the fool.

  • Kris

    Playing realpolitik and cooperating with the enemy of our enemy is all very fine, as long as we aren’t breathtakingly stupid enough to delude ourselves that the Muslim Brotherhood is in any way a friend.

  • Lorenz Gude

    The Brotherhood is the organization that created modern Islamism. It was clearly a reaction against colonialism. But compare the American revolt again British colonialism in 1776 with the Egyptian revolt in the early 20th century. One was based on post reformation enlightenment values, the other on a militant revival of absolutist theocratic values. As different as chalk and cheese and unlikely to end well.

  • Kris

    “As different as chalk and cheese”

    One educates and the other stinks after a short while.

  • EvilBuzzard

    When you have an electorate where greater than 50% of the people support beheading people who convert away from Islam, you are not going to elect very many legislators from The Peace and Freedom Party.

    If there is any lesson to be learned from The Arab Spring it would be this. Grow the (bleep) up. Casaully exporting Democracy and expeting Thomas Jefferson in power six months later is really pretty stupid and unrealistic.

    Insult the Muslim Brotherhood all you want, but they are who Egyptians really are as human beings. People elect representatives who reflect their personal values. That is what Democracy is.

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