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Who’s Your Daddy?

Will the heirs of Hitler’s secret French love child get the royalties from Mein Kampf? Inquiring minds want to know. Hitler apparently sired the child, the recently deceased Jean-Marie Loret, in a brief encounter with a French woman during his service in WWI. The Telegraph has the story:

Hitler is said to have had an affair with Mr Loret’s mother, Charlotte Lobjoie, 16, as he took a break from the trenches in June 1917…

The pair started a brief relationship, which resulted in the birth of Jean-Marie, who was born in March 1918 after being conceived during a ‘tipsy’ evening in June 1917.

Lobjoie’s account of the courtship could serve as a basic primer for “how you know you’re dating a future megalomaniacal dictator”:

Miss Lobjoie later told Jean-Marie: “When your father was around, which was very rarely, he liked to take me for walks in the countryside.

“But these walks usually ended badly. In fact, your father, inspired by nature, launched into speeches which I did not really understand.

“He did not speak French, but solely ranted in German, talking to an imaginary audience…”

The Telegraph catalogs the wide array of evidence marshaled by Loret to support his claim of infamous parentage, from shared blood type to similar handwriting and appearance to a collection of Hitler’s paintings signed by the artist himself and stored in Loret’s mother’s attic. And there are stories of German officers appearing from time to time during the Occupation to offer Loret’s mother envelopes of cash.

One might wonder why anyone would wish to establish themselves as heir to one of history’s most heinous actors, but the designation does have its perks. As Loret’s lawyer points out, “Mr Loret’s own children might now be in a position to claim royalties from Mein Kampf (‘My Struggle’), Hitler’s famous book which has sold millions of copies around the world.” Currently, the government of Bavaria hogs all the money; why shouldn’t Hitler’s kith and kin get a share?

Rest assured, Via Meadia will keep you apprised of this important developing story.

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  • Steven E

    Actually, DNA testing back in 2008, performed on behalf of Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders, thoroughly debunks the claim based on Y-chromosome analysis of Hitler’s relatives in both Austria and on Long Island.

    However, Mr. Loret’s book Your Father’s Name is Hitler is coming out in a new edition, and never let it be said that the facts were allowed to get in the way of book promotion, even if the book’s thesis has been broken into a million little pieces.

  • SF Dude

    Very disturbing. One can only hope for Sean Penn to weigh in on this in the Nation or, better yet, a l’Elysee press conference (only after, of course, the election of the suitably anti-imperialist Hollande this summer).

  • Lorenz Gude

    Ah, Romance!

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