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Venezuela Embraces the Socialism of Fools

As Venezuela’s presidential election season heats up, the Chavez administration is cranking up its attacks on any and all possible threats to its continued rule.

Given that an impressive three million voters participated in the opposition Democratic Unity Panel’s primary (which selected Henrique Capriles as its standard bearer), Chavez and company are sparing no lines of attack. Immediately after the nomination, the state ramped up a smear campaign that included, among other things, homophobic and anti-Semitic innuendo. The WSJ reports on one particular article in the state-run media:

Written as a profile of Mr. Capriles, it lists activities that show attempts to subvert Mr. Chavez’s proclaimed “21st century socialist revolution” and claims Mr. Capriles participated in a fascist, white supremacist group.

‘This is our enemy, the Zionism that Capriles today represents,’ the article says. ‘Zionism, along with capitalism, are responsible for 90% of world poverty and imperialist wars.’

Chavez’s socialist regime, under threat by Zionists, Jews, capitalists, fascists, gays: This is the socialism of fools. Expect Chavez and his cronies to use all manner of disparagement to discredit his rivals and explain away his economic failures. And if that doesn’t work, he can always rig the vote.

Via Meadia doesn’t expect a changing of the guard in Caracas anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean we won’t hope for it anyway.

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  • Ken Marks

    This statement “Expect Chavez and his cronies to use all manner of disparagement to discredit his rivals and explain away his economic failures.” could be used to describe the way Obama and the Democrats will run their campaigns as well. The politics of personal destruction has been alive and well in this country for at least 20 years, since the Clinton era. Don’t see any difference between our political process and that of the “fools” in Venezuela.

  • Adam Garfinkle

    Yes, some years ago — 2009 specifically — I analyzed the anti-Semitism of the Chavez regime in JEWCENTRICTY: HOW THE JEWS ARE PRAISED, BLAMED AND USED TO EXPLAIN NEARLY EVERYTHING (John Wiley and Sons). Use the index; you’ll find it.

  • Walter Grumpius

    Well, I suppose _some_body’s got to say it…

    WRM writes, “This is the socialism of fools.”

    A tautology, though: _all_ socialism is the socialism of fools.

  • luke Weyland

    As Chavez’s ‘economy of fools’, rises once again, the economy of Greece under the stewardship of an unelected banker, and the wise eyes of the IMF, World Bank, EEU and Merkel collapses.


  • Lorenz Gude

    The socialism of Chavez (and Mugabe I’d add) is well beyond foolish. It is delusional. No matter how bad the outcomes they insist it is someone else’s fault and carry on with more of the same bad policy led by superheroic inflation of their currencies. That either actually exist outside of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta is testament to human perversity.

  • rvastar

    When people are foolish enough to give Leftists power, there are ALWAYS two results:

    1. A steady devaluation of the national currency.

    2. An ever-expanding list of “enemies of the people” who are to blame for it.

    What was it that Santayana said again?…

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