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Occupy The Fringe

As city officials in one of America’s most left-wing municipal governments begged the “Occupy Oakland” movement to stop trashing the struggling, heavily minority city’s streets, public buildings and YMCA, delusional “Occupy” protesters spoke of establishment plots and evil police conspiracies.

In the strange mental landscape where they dwell, some Occupiers seem to have convinced themselves that they represent a force for “social change” that is so powerful that the Oakland government, obviously the stooge of the Bilderbergers and the ruling class, will stop at nothing to destroy them. Their cat and mouse games with police and random acts of vandalism are magnified into apocalyptic struggles over the future of the world.

It is Oakland’s bad luck (partly due to its mild climate) that the Occupy protestors have dragged on so long and so violently there, but nothing can halt the movement’s resolute march toward the irrelevant fringe. An embarrassment to potential allies, a nuisance to the general public, a welcome reminder to the right of all the reasons it loathes the radical left, the Occupy movement is running on fumes.

It is likely to remain a beacon of hope to all those who dream that some kind of anarchist or socialist revolution could happen in the US or could be a good thing; like a candle drawing moths on a summer night, it dazzles them with false promise, consumes their energy to no purpose, and wastes their time.

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  • Timothy

    As Joseph Conrad observed in “The Secret Agent”,

    “For obviously one does not revolt against the advantages and oportunities of that state, but against the price which must be paid for the same in the coin of accepted morality, self-restraint, and toil.”

  • vanderleun

    Hey, if it wastes their time and enables them to be easily targeted by drones it can’t be all bad.

  • standfast24

    Mayor Jean Quan and her feckless administration
    encouraged the Occupy rabble to stay in Oakland by bending over backwards and treating them with “kid glove” treatment. Quan is like a clueless parent to keeps on giving their child a large allowance – but is then upset when they use the money
    to to buy drugs.
    But Oakland and it’s clueless residents deserve the government they get and it seems fitting that occupy infests the city.

  • Eurydice

    I don’t know. It’s possible these people would be useless anywhere else, too. Or maybe they’ve just got to work out those socialist urges before they settle down to the humdrum life of having to support oneself. One of the charming things about this country is that people are allowed (up to a point) to experiment with things like this – it’s kind of like social invention. Most inventions die a deserved death, but some make an impact.

  • Luke Lea

    I don’t see why OWS should be tarred by a bunch of rock-throwing anarchists in Oakland, California.

  • Corlyss

    The OWS movement is a little brother to the anarchists, among other slobbery Utopian movements for the chronically aggrieved. The lot needs to grow up and get a job. It’s not the 60s. They are not even mildly amusing, even when the fornicate in public. They’re just clueless mannerless bores.

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