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Turkey Honors Holocaust Remembrance Day

As the world struggles to understand where the new Turkey is headed (something Turkey itself may not know for sure), it looks not only at Turkey’s relationship with Israel — getting worse — but at Turkey’s more general approach to the Jews.

And there is some good news this week; as the NYT reports, Turkish government run television observed International Holocaust Remembrance Day by broadcasting the harrowing 1985 French film “Shoah,” a depiction of the destruction of European Jews featuring interviews with survivors.

This is a fine film, and the Turks chose an excellent way to observe an important day.

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  • WigWag

    Perhaps this April 24th, Turkish government run television could extend the gesture by broadcasting the harrowing 2007 Italian made film, “The Lark Farm.”

    The film is based on the best selling novel, by Antonia Arslan and is loosely based on the experiences of her own Armenian family in Turkey in the early 20th century.

    No one who sees this movie will have any doubt what label to apply to the behavior of the Turks.

  • Robert Morris

    LOL. Re: Lark Farm. Nobody who sees this fictionalized account will have any doubt about the truth. Unless they are capable of, you know, critical thinking.

  • Richard

    Yes, on April 24th the Turks have several films to choose from. My suggestions:

    1. Andrew Goldberg`s documentary “`The Armenian Genocide“.

    2. Atom Egoyan`s film “Ararat“.

    3. The recently released Swedish documentary “Grandma`s Tattoos“.

  • John

    Robert Morris,

    Have you no shame making fun of the victims of murder, slaughter, genocide? Further, you are cruel and insensitive. In 1940s you would have been one of those laughing at the Jews being sent to the ovens. Some people never change… May God forgive you!

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