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Ten Global Trends To Watch: A Via Meadia Update

Two years ago Via Meadia looked at “The Top Global Trends for the 2010s.” Here’s what we came up with:

Trend #1: Economic Upheaval
Trend #2: Proliferation High and Low
Trend #3: Panopolis
Trend #4: Small ‘d’ democratization
Trend #5: Disaggregation and The Death of the West?
Trend #6: Hot Religion and the March of Abraham
Trend #7: The Age of the Apocalypse
Trend #8: Uneven Development and the African Time Bomb
Trend #9: The European World Order Breaks Up
Trend #10: Hope and Change

Neither the world nor the web stand still, so we thought it high time to update these trends. Over the next few days, we’ll fill in the gaps, note where we got it right and where we got it wrong, and relate current events to the new trend. For each trend, we will also let you know what to watch in the future.

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  • Anthony

    The ten trends, like good ideas generally, WRM have a timeliness vis-a-vis the affairs of mankind. I eagerly await updates.

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