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Dumbest Complaint of the Day

In a shocking abuse of civil rights, a college newspaper adviser may have been fired for publishing explicit photos of a streaker at a football game. This brave soul is fighting back, and now considering a lawsuit against the university on first-amendment grounds. From [link NSFW] comes the fired adviser’s Patrick Henry like defense of the liberty of college editors everywhere to run nudie pix on page one:

“If I was not willing to stand up for a First Amendment issue, then I wouldn’t have been advising them the way that I was advising them. I would have told them, ‘Yeah, don’t run any controversial pictures, don’t make anybody mad.”

Can we please just get real here for a minute? Any editor of a major paper who had the bad news judgment to run nude photos on the front page would be fired in a heartbeat. No first amendment, no freedom of the press, no Amnesty International letter campaign, just pack your stuff and go.

The job of an adviser for a college paper is, among other things, to help students prepare for the real world. Understanding that some things are so stupid that you get canned for doing them is something every student needs to learn. Teaching student journalists to bray like idiots about their divine right to put streaker pix on the front page is educational malpractice and nobody except federal judges has a constitutional right to incompetence on the job.

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  • SC Mike

    The great American philosopher Ray Stevens has examined this phenomenon and delivered unto us
    the last word.

    Let us bow our heads and play.

  • Toni

    Nobody except federal judges and tenured academics.

  • Kris

    Some might consider it somewhat ironic for the Poynter Institute blog to in effect protest about the micro-management of journalists.

    “But nudity is natural!” Yes, so is defecation.

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