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US Play for Pacific Prosperity

The Wall Street Journal has published a piece I’ve written on America’s emerging Pacific policy.  It’s a policy that has roots in both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations and rests on ideas that date back before the American Revolution, and it is one that is likely to outlive the Obama administration.

While the world has been obsessing over America’s decline and its supposedly foolish interventions in the Middle East, the United States has quietly established a bipartisan Asia policy that may well be as influential on that continent as the Marshall Plan and NATO were in Europe.

Read the whole thing at the WSJ (paywall), or at Real Clear World.

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  • Phineas

    I’d love to, except for that darned subscriber wall.

  • Anthony

    A Pacific century worthy of the name: WRM, can we ever really prognosticate outcomes (regional, hegemonic, structural, etc.) beyond speculation given human behavior, cultural interests, population dynamics, and historical socio-economic antecedents?

    Are we bringing “America’s Grand Strategy In World At Risk” to an emerging Pacific policy?

    Is there an angel in our China/Pacific Rim foreign policy whirlwind (central guiding intelligence beyond complementary economic and balance of power interests)?

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