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India Getting Serious About Growth

Against a background of growing concern about slowing growth, the Indian government is launching a major infrastructure drive, targeting power plants, highways, airports and other critical bottlenecks that are slowing the country’s growth, reports the Financial Times.

Greens will not rejoice; the government wants a rapid expansion of coal mining, believing that exploiting domestic coal represents India’s best hope for overcoming serious power shortages.

Unless they are South Asia specialists, few people in American public life spend a lot of time thinking about India’s economic prospects.  That has to change; as India grows it is a more important trading partner for the US, but that is only part of the story.  India’s domestic stability and its ability to play a constructive role in East and South Asia, East Africa and the Middle East will loom larger and larger in American strategic thinking.

Americans may not know it, but our peace and prosperity depend on things like whether India can overcome the obstacles that inhibit progress, and the weakness of its infrastructure is one of its biggest vulnerabilities.

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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Can India build economy enhancing infrastructure, or are they going to waste capital on bunch of boondoggles like the high speed rail, and empty cities and buildings in China? It’s unfortunate that politicians looking for graft and not entrepreneurs looking for profit decide on the infrastructure to be built.

  • Toni

    Strip the system of corruption, and India’s growth would approach rocket speed.

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