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Pedantic Spoilsports Debunk Feisty Gauls

Vincent Charpentier works at a French institute for “preventive archaeology,” whatever that is, but apparently has enough time on his hands to go after the world’s most beloved ancient Gauls, the Asterix and Obelix whose adventures fill a series of comic books that helped generations of schoolchildren improve their French.

Real Gauls, say the pedantic spoilsports who organized an exhibit at Paris’ Cité des Sciences, didn’t live in forests, have winged helmets, roast wild boars or use golden sickles.  They also weren’t as a rule named after punctuation marks and Egyptian monuments, I suppose. You can read the whole dismal story at the Telegraph.

M. Charpentier and his colleagues should go back to preventing archaeology or whatever it is that they do.  If the ‘real’ Gauls weren’t more like Asterix and Obelix, they should have been.

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  • jullien

    “Vincent Charpentier works at a French institute for “preventive archaeology,” whatever that is”

    That’s the archeology made in emergency before construction works of estates, roads, railways…

    • Walter Russell Mead

      Thanks for the info — not a profession we stand greatly in need of here in the US, I guess. But I still wish he would leave Asterix alone.

  • Kris

    And here I’ve been using these indomitable Gauls as a counterexample to the lamentable stereotypes regarding French military prowess. This is not helpful. All I am left with now is the diminutive Corsican.

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