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Dentists to Kids: Eat All the Halloween Candy You Want

In a rare display of commonsense and humanity, America’s dentists have an important seasonal message for kids:  knock yourselves out on the Halloween candy.  It’s not going to kill you.

In fact, the dentists point out, it’s better to let the kids gorge themselves sick on Halloween than to ration the candy out over the days and weeks ahead.  Constantly snacking on candy is much worse for your teeth than one big binge.

This was not the view of the Grand Matriarch in the days when I used to dress up in my pundit costume to shake the neighbors down.  But those were also the days when kids weren’t allowed to go in swimming for two hours after eating to avoid cramps, plenty of sunshine was considered a healthy thing, and red meat and milk were the keys to good nutrition.

The science was settled!

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  • Luke Lea

    How about enemas? They were standard operating procedure when I was two or three. For stomach upset especially — even more effective than Caster Oil. 😉

    My parents weren’t sadists btw. They just followed the latest child-rearing advice.

  • Larry, San Francisco

    I still can’t get my head around why we all believed that you couldn’t go swimming after eating but it was certainly an article of faith when I was kid and no one I knew would break the taboo. I have been reading Gary Taubes work on nutrition (Good Calorie/Bad Calorie) which claims that saturated fat is not bad for you but carbs are. Reading this caused me to adopt an Atkins style diet resulting in large weight loss and excellent blood tests. I can’t help but remember the Woody Allen movie Sleeper where he wakes in the future and shocks the scientists by telling them he does not eat the healthiest of all foods, the ice cream sundae.

  • Soul

    As a healthy eater, that has been known to advocate the positives of good diets, Halloween candy can cause some consternation. I’ve taken the Obama approach with this issue. Believe recently he mentioned that his health advocate wife will be handing out tasty treats for candy, because if not, the White House was liable of being egged. (Woe to the child that tried to egg the White House.)

    Here in the mid-west we will be handing out chocolate University of Illinois candy bars. Of the candies, chocolate has it positive health benefits it is thought, raises HDL cholesterol, less risk of heart disease it is thought, etc. And the chocolate bars will not be the 70% and greater dark bars! If we did that, think all the kids would egg us later for given them a chocolate headache.

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