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Farrakhan Praises Gaddafi, Alien Abductors

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, praised Gaddafi and condemned US military action against his “brother”, the Great Loon, on Chicago’s radio recently. He said:

The Nation of Islam mourns the loss of a great brother leader, the ‘Lion of the Desert,’ the ‘Lion of Africa.’ And those who rejoice at his death — your laughter will turn to tears, and your joy will come to sorrow and great pain because of what the western world and those collaborators will lose as a result of his betrayal and his ultimate assassination.

Farrakhan also tossed in a little science fiction to his Gaddafi memorial speech:

Farrakhan also recounted what he claimed was a UFO abduction in which Elijah Muhammad warned him of a coming war. Farrakhan explained how after the 1985 event, then-President Ronald Reagan announced that Americans were to have no dealings with Libya and Gadhafi. It was at that point, he said Tuesday, that he understood this was the war to which his UFO experience alluded.

At least they weren’t illegal aliens; Elijah Muhammad was a US citizen.  No doubt Mr. Farrakhan’s revered spiritual leader was forced to use this unconventional means of communication from the other world as otherwise the all-powerful Jewish lobby would have prevented the message from coming through.

And at least Minister Farrakhan deserves some respect for consistency.  He embraced the Great Loon and mad dog killer as a moral exemplar and hailed the political wisdom of a man who looted his country and condemned its people to poverty, oppression and isolation when the Loon was alive, in power and writing checks.  He stands by him today when his power has disappeared and his corpse, like Mussolini’s, was put on exhibit by his enemies.

There are plenty of other people in the world who embraced the Great Loon as firmly as Farrakhan, but abandoned him when his power and his money ran out.  For that constancy if not for much else, Minister Farrakhan deserves some respect.

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