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Change in the Air

The secret is out — there are fundamental shifts taking place in the economic and political landscape of the world in which we live. And although the majority of our intellectual and policy elites — those tasked with recognizing and interpreting these changes to the rest of society and developing actionable responses — have generally been slow to recognize this fact, that is beginning to change.

My good friend and colleague Professor Paul Kennedy made the case in the New York Times while I was off in China taking a look at the brave new world. Professor Kennedy believes that the much-heralded advances in consumer technology pale in comparison to more monumental shifts taking place in society: the waning of the dollar, the crumbling of the European project, the new Great Game in Asia, and the failure of sclerotic multinational institutions like the United Nations.

Paul’s core point, that an accumulating set of changes is pushing the world into a new era, aligns very closely with some of the key concepts on this blog.  Something big is afoot in our world today, and the next generation needs to prepare for challenges quite different from the world their parents assumed would last forever.  Professor Kennedy’s students are lucky to have such a guide to this emerging future landscape; when a great mind, enriched by a lifetime’s accumulation of reflection, reading and knowledge remains fresh and open to new perspectives and new questions. that rarest of qualities — real wisdom — will sometimes appear.

In Professor Kennedy’s case, it has.

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  • Anthony

    Dynamic configuration – fundamental shifts – WRM is certainly all around us; interpreting these shifts are more difficult than sensing/recognizing them. We (the 7,000,000,000) are experiencing a world seeking redefinition – real wisdom is one quality critically needed….

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