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Democracy and business, India style.

Mongolia: A very juicy filling in the sandwich between China and Russia, which might lead to commercial issues (like new export routes) and social problems (migrant Chinese workers routinely get beat up on the streets of Ulaanbaatar, and the police aren’t too interested in protecting them).

A Pakistani woman told Hilary Clinton at a town hall meeting in Islamabad that the US is Pakistan’s “impossible to please mother-in-law”. Pretty funny, and a little bit true: “We are trying to please you, and every time you come and visit us you have a new idea and tell us, ‘You are not doing enough and need to work harder,’” the woman said.

Turkey and Iran are going to cooperate in the fight against the PKK and Kurdish fighters who attacked Turkish soldiers this week.

China is facing a very chilly winter: a state regulatory body estimates an electricity shortfall of at least 26 million kilowatts this winter, as a result of falling hydroelectric output and insufficient coal supply.

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  • WigWag

    “Turkey and Iran are going to cooperate in the fight against the PKK and Kurdish fighters who attacked Turkish soldiers this week.” (Via Meadia)

    Just a few posts down from this one, in an essay entitled “Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Fez,” Professor Mead says,

    “Interestingly, the US is backing Turkey strongly as it takes on the Kurdish terrorists, denouncing the PKK and using its influence in Iraq to smooth the path for a Turkish response.”

    I guess this means that the United States and Iran are allied in the fight against the Kurds with the Turks being the third member of this tripartite alliance.

    Perhaps someone can explain what it is about the Kurds that makes their national aspirations so appalling that the United States would in effect join forces with its hated enemy, Iran, to stifle the Kurdish desire for a nation of their own.

    Why is it that President Obama is so passionate about self-determination for Arabs that he believes that the 22 Arab nations are not enough but that an additional Arab nation should be created for the Palestinians? At the same time he believes that the Kurds are not entitled to even one nation of their own and he is willing to put the resources of the United States at the disposal of those nations who wish to squelch Kurdish national aspirations.

    What makes the situation even more perplexing is that the nations that the United States is willing to assist in opposition to the Kurds are themselves mostly American enemies.

    Surely Iran is an enemy of the United States. Both Shia and Sunni forces in Iraq have spent the better part of the last decade killing and maiming American service men and women with IEDs. The Syrian Kurds are bitter opponents of an American enemy of long-standing, Bashar Assad. And Turkey is busy transitioning itself from an NATO ally into an American adversary. Despite all this, the clueless Barack Obama is willing to side with all of these American enemies just to insure that Kurdish self-determination is still-born.

    Do you think that President Obama has ever suggested to Prime Minister Erdogan that if he wants American assistance against the PKK he had better stop allying himself with Hamas terrorists who kill Israeli civilians at Bar Mitzvahs and in pizza restaurants with as much pleasure as PKK terrorists kill Turkish police officers?

    Siding with Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria against the Kurds is mind numbingly stupid from a strategic point of view; even worse, it’s morally reprehensible.

    The fact that so-called experts in both political parties oppose American advocacy of Kurdish independence says nothing about the merits of the creating of a Kurdish homeland but it does speak volumes about the cowardice and fecklessness of our foreign policy elites.

  • nicholas chriatie

    “US Launches a WTO Nuke Towards China’s Great Firewall”

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