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You Know Who Is Back In Egypt, Instigating Violence

Those pesky Jews are at it again, at least if we believe the Egyptian Supreme Command. At the end of the Wall Street Journal’s article on this weekend’s clashes in Cairo is a quote from a statement by Egypt’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces explaining who, exactly, was behind the violence:

On Monday, an anchor on Egyptian state television read a statement from the SCAF blaming “the Zionist enemy” who it said was trying to “hit the army from within while it is not presented strongly on its borders.”

Those tricky Jews!  How dare they instigate violence between Muslims and Christians and the Egyptian Army! Perhaps John Mearsheimer would defend them as anti-Zionists rather than anti-Semites given that the statement blames Israelis rather than Jews, but those less attuned than this formerly eminent professor to such subtle nuance will see this paranoiac and delusional statement as an example of anti-Semitism of the purest kind.

It’s possible that in the press office of the Egyptian command this kind of paranoid idiocy is just boilerplate: the ‘blame the Jews’ graph goes at the end of every statement on every problem ranging from locust invasions to stock market gyrations.

But the reality is that anti-Semitism is an ugly curse that impoverishes and diminishes a people afflicted by it.  Arabs and others need to understand that malicious and misguided prejudice of this kind makes them appear weak minded and incompetent.  It is the visible evidence of cultural dysfunction and a distorted political understanding.

Anti-Semitism curses the Middle East in three ways.  It prevents the development of pragmatic relations with Israel that more than any other single change would open the doors to greater prosperity for the masses (uniting Israeli entrepreneurs with the work force and markets of the region would have large consequences).  It causes Middle Easterners to fundamentally misjudge the policies and intentions of the United States, systematically distorting their view of US political processes and both the sources and purposes of its support for Israel, among other things.  And it reinforces the intolerance and simplistic views that undercut the possibility of effective capitalist development in many places.

If you want your enemy to be weak, poor and contemptible, ask God to make him an anti-Semite.

Anti-Semitism in its contemporary form is not just an unpleasant prejudice; it is a disabling mental disease.  Overcoming this handicap is an important part of the development process that awaits the Middle East.

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  • davidr

    Any chance we might have a follow-up piece from Via Meadia on the sources of anti-Semitism in Egypt and across the Muslim world?


  • Kenny

    In general, the Arab mind is incapable of logical and truthful thought.

    After all, it is no accident that the Middle East, except for tiny Israel, is an economic basket case completely unable to produce anything for the modern world or even feed itself without outside help.

    Even the oil there has to be brought out of the ground and refined by others.

  • ?

    Do you mean to say that there is no difference between anti-Zionism and anti-semitism?

    Given the long history of conflict between each state’s armed forces and the recent killing of Egyptian soldiers just over the border, would Egypt’s top military brass not have a legitimate concern about Israeli infiltration? It appears that Egypt has begun air patrols over the Sinai in violation of the 1979 treaty, further escalating tension between the two states.

    In short, is it fair to pan everything the head of the Egyptian military says against Israel as anti-semitism? Doesn’t this evince a kind of paranoia in its own right?

  • silverfiddle

    How dare you mock the Zionist threat?

    Haven’t you read the stories of the Mossad-trained assassin sharks?

  • Luke Lea

    Of course it isn’t good for Israel either.

  • JC

    To marry up your free trade post with this..

    An FTA between the US and another democracy may well have benefits, but nothing like that which would accrue to Middle East countries which decided to trade with Israel and the Great Satan in an open way.

    Places like Egypt wouldn’t even need to change the rhetoric..

    “Hear now O Egypt.. we have struck a little problem in destroying Israel and the West, so our esteemed leaders have decided to destroy them utterly.. we are going to trade them to death!! Every Egyptian must strain every nerve and sinew to produce the goods that will draw the Jews into our trap and as we become rich we will take the Entity over.

    But be aware, the old Mustache Petes in the Mosques with their failed policies towards the Zionist Entity must be bypassed in this new and glorious endeavor to destroy the Jews.. all we need do is be very nice to them as we suck out their capital over the next 1000 years!


  • Another Interested Observer

    “. . . misguided prejudice of this kind makes them appear weak minded and incompetent.”

    Yes, quite so. In fact, it’s almost as if this appearance is an accurate reflection of the underlying reality.

    But . . . that’s just silly. That can’t possibly be the case, because, as I am reliably informed, Islam is a religion of peace and all Arabs are moderate, reasonable, peace-loving, kind-hearted souls who never, ever engage in terrorism or anything distasteful or yucky like that. MSNBC told me so. And Obama. And we all know that they never, ever lie. So there. QED.

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