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Libya: The Afterparty Continues

The Great Loon may be out of power, but his soldiers continue their acts of violence against civilians.  CNN has the story:

Forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi are creating a humanitarian disaster in Bani Walid, the National Transitional Council’s military spokesman charged Monday.

Col. Ahmed Bani told reporters that Gadhafi forces are robbing food stores, leaving civilian residents to starve. He also charged that Gadhafi loyalists are shooting everyone trying to join the revolution, including men, women and children. “They are carrying out mass killings,” Bani said.

Violent acts like these not only harm cause the victims, they make reprisals more likely as rebel forces capture pro-Gadhafi towns.

Via Meadia is glad that the Great Loon has departed, but Burke and perhaps even Hobbes remain the best guides to its future.  As Russians said after their revolution in 1990, “It is easier to turn an aquarium into fish soup than to turn fish soup into an aquarium.”  Four decades under the Great Loon effectively turned Libya into fish soup; the reverse process is going to take time.

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  • Raymond R

    Please stop associating the loon, that beautiful, noble waterfowl, the image of which graces our Canadian $1 coin, with such vile despicable characters as Moammar Gadhafi. He may be a great lunatic but calling him a loon slanders an innocent bird

  • Luke Lea

    How long before the rebels start shooting each other as someone asked earlier?

    Not long, according to today’s NYT. Like almost all violent political revolutions — maybe the English one was an exception? — this one will end by eating its own.

    Bonus question: what’s the difference between dismal pessimism and realism? Beats me.

    At least Walter Mead tries to be upbeat on some of these issues. Is that a condition of his employment? That’s an unfair question I realize and I hope the answer is no. He’s plenty pessimistic as it is and gores sacred cows everyday.
    Which is one of the reasons I come here! 🙂

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