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Josef Joffe on the Arab Spring

Joe Joffe, editor of Die Zeit, one of the most respected German news organizations, has a smart though not optimistic piece about the Arab Spring in the Wall Street Journal.  Joe is a WRM colleague at The American Interest, and he and I have knocked around Brazil and most recently Yaroslavl.  Joe is always worth reading, and this particular piece underlines the reality that there aren’t many good political options for anybody in the Middle East.

Read the whole thing.

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  • Terence Brennan

    I am sure this is not the kind of comment you are looking for, but:

    I find it very annoying when an article is recommended in a web posting, and when I follow the link,
    find that the article is blocked to non-subscribers. I know that Via Meadia has no control over the
    WSJ’s web site policies (or anyone else’s), but I wish you would consider availability of linked
    articles in the future.

    Terry B.

  • Fred
  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The Arab Spring is hopeful; Josef Joffe was just unrealistic about what could be achieved. He forgot that most revolutions fail, with one Tyrant being replaced by another. He also ignored that cultures change at glacial speeds, and you can’t expect as backward a culture as Islamic Culture, to immediately turn into a Western style culture with no steps in between. But the fact that the frozen and stagnate Islamic cultures are now in movement is a confirmation of the American strategy of cultural attack, by putting a seed of American culture in Iraq. The Arab Spring is an early victory for the American Strategy, and it will be decades before we see western style cultures of Free Enterprise, Democracy, and The Rule of Law. In the mean time we will have to be happy with Tyrants in cages in courtrooms and purple fingers raised aloft.

  • Mick The Reactionary

    “But the fact that the frozen and stagnate Islamic cultures are now in movement is a confirmation of the American strategy”

    I remember clearly when a frozen and stagnate Persian Muslim culture moved confirming a brilliant strategy of totally awesome President Carter, the best peanut farmer of all Presidents.

    What a wonderful triumph of US diplomacy, a new Iran, it is so much better than an old Iran.

    Beware of Islamic moves supported by Western fools and dhimmis.

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