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301 Yankees Fixing To Die?

Back in those halcyon days when the world was young and pundit school was still far in the future, people in eastern South Carolina used to speak scornfully of “301 Yankees”, northerners driving south on what was then the main highway to Florida.  You could spot them because one arm would be fish belly white and the other a bright lobster red from hanging out the window.

Prices tended to go up when the 301 Yankees walked into the store.

Now it turns out those Yankees were playing with death.  The Washington Post reports that dermatologists think car window sunburn syndrome can lead to melanoma and death.

I suspect some of those good old boys selling RC Colas and Moon Pies to the 301 Yankees would be glad.

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  • Soul

    Oh, guess some of the doctors I follow would take issue with the article. They would point out that sun exposure has not been linked conclusively with deadly melanoma. Guess melanoma often pops up in locations on the body that rarely sees the sun.

    Other types of skin cancer though, that are less deadly, are connected to UV rays.

  • Tavener

    No one wants Yankees to die. But everyone wants them to please stop clinging to their bitter antipathy toward those who are not like them.

  • Chaucer

    Being as I live in the Eastern part of South Carolina, Bluffton to be exact. I have no problems with 301 Yankees. At least, they go home.

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