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Manhattan Food Snobs Revealed As Phony Hicks

No lobster in the lobster salad? Apparently so. The NYT reports that Zabar’s, a famous grocery store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, has been selling “lobster salad” for over a decade — with crawfish instead of lobster.  Bigger shock:  in all those years only a handful of snooty and pretentious Manhattan food snobs noticed the difference.

Newsflash to Manhattan foodies: If you can’t tell the difference between a crawdad and a lobster, you are a pretentious poseur no matter how much money you spend on mislabeled groceries.  And if your palate is that unsophisticated, be very afraid: Zabar’s isn’t the only store laughing at your pretentiousness as they sell you pigeon and bill you for veal.

Out here in glamorous Queens we serve real lobster salad and while we also like crawdads we can tell the two apart.

Oh, and another thing: in Queens, the lobster is as kosher as the pork.

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  • Charming Billy

    Quick Tip: If you find difficult to “pinch da head an’ suck da tail”, comme on dit chez les cajuns, odds are it’s a lobster.

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