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Dead Acorn Gets Slap on Wrist

From the NYT:

The defunct community organizing group Acorn was fined the maximum $5,000 in a voter registration scheme. Judge Donald Mosley of Clark County District Court handed down the fine on Wednesday. Prosecutors say Acorn authorized a Las Vegas operative to run a voter-registration program in the 2008 election cycle that paid cash for signing up voters and forced workers to meet quotas.

Thank goodness, as so many Democrats keep saying, that vote fraud isn’t a problem in this country.  Otherwise incidents like this could be a problem.

The scandal here isn’t that Acorn, a terminally sleazy group of union funded poverty pimps billing themselves as ‘community organizers’, broke election laws.  That was Acorn’s standard operating procedure.  The scandal is that an assault on the foundations of American democracy is only punishable by a $5,000 fine.

People who attack the integrity of the voting process belong in jail.  A thief takes your money; someone who tampers with the electoral process endangers every freedom and every piece of property you possess.

A self-respecting democracy would jail people who deliberately committed frauds that improperly put voters on or took voters off the electoral rolls.  Ours doesn’t, and that says a lot.

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  • formerdem

    ACORN isn’t dead. It has just been renamed and reconstituted into new and improved poverty pimpdom. The lates names I heard all had ‘fair housing’ type tags.

  • Corlyss

    I’ve said it for many years. The Democratic party is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party. The fact that so many are fooled by its pose is a damn shame and an indictment of our crippled civics instruction. It’s difficult to see what about this system is worth saving when at least one major party is walking corruption and the electorate is walking ignorance.

  • Luke Lea

    Are you sure ACORN is gone?

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