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Another Reason Health Care Is Eating Us Alive

It takes a special kind of person to steal money from the mentally disabled.  And it takes a special kind of state government to let this go on year after year.  Welcome to New York, where we have both.

From the NYT:

Two brothers who ran the Young Adult Institute Network, an agency for the mentally disabled, under a state contract […] paid themselves about $1 million a year each, plus cars, college tuitions and $50,400 toward a daughter’s purchase of a co-op apartment.


The Center for Discovery in Sullivan County was paying its executive more than $500,000 a year and had spent $52,000 on restaurant and wine tabs.

I am wondering how much corruption and incompetence it took for things to reach this stage.  I am also wondering how much fat is built in all down the line — sweetheart deals for suppliers, unsustainable labor contracts, accounting hanky panky and outright fraud.

Our dysfunctional medical system is literally ruining the country and all of the fifty states.  More than any single other policy problem we have, getting health care right is the key to the future.  We are a long way away.

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  • Jim.

    So what’s so bad about those with a zeal for scrupulous honesty again?

    Puritans may be an unpleasant stereotype in some quarters, but frankly the America of today needs a lot more of them.

    Not too much more… but a lot more.

    There should be a bit of that in each and every one of us. If educational institutions are uncomfortable in laying down the Law about that, they should at least *get out of the way* when others advance it.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The Government monopoly will always suffer from the faults of all monopolies, waste, corruption, feather bedding, and empire building. The only way to deal with it, is to limit the Government monopoly as our founding fathers taught us, with a carved in stone dead constitution.

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