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When Cutting Budgets, Don't Forget the UN

A European competition to create artwork for the UN anti-violence-against-women publicity campaign is close to selecting a winning design.

What a pathetic waste.

Europe, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, has fully recovered from World War Two and no longer needs outside funding to support its cultural life.  Perhaps there’s a continent where women are at less risk from violence than Europe; other than Antarctica I can’t think of one. Perhaps there’s a less effective way to fight violence against women than by commissioning artists to make posters about it.  I am hard put to think what that might be.  Perhaps there’s a continent richer than Europe, less in need for UN funding for basic services.  Once again — I can’t think of one.

Bad ideas like this come from terminally brain dead, time wasting bureaucracies.  With government programs being cut back left and right around the world, someone should remember to take the pruning shears to the UN.  A nice international blue ribbon commission that aimed to cut UN administrative expenses by fifty percent would be a good start.

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  • Kenny

    Cutting U.S. funding to the United Nations –music to my ears, Mr. Mead.

    And who could argue that this action is not long over due?

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