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Living The High Life In A Russian Jail

Stalin must be spinning in his grave.

Caviar sandwiches. McDonald’s delivery. Vodka. Toga parties. Gladiator costumes. All in a Russian jail.

The Telegraph reports:

The inmates are seen horsing around with cardboard swords, appear to be drinking alcohol, and are shown enjoying a banquet of fruit, vegetables and salads. The party had a Roman gladiator theme and the inmates are dressed as gladiators, senators and, in one disturbing case, a lion. It was organised to celebrate the birthday of one of the men, a convicted burglar, who is seen making himself a giant caviar sandwich and taking delivery of a McDonald’s takeaway through the cell’s hatch.

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  • Hadlowe

    Okay everyone, back on your heads.

  • Luke Lea

    I’d rather do time in Norway.

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