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Well This Is Not A Good Sign has seen a huge spike in the purchase of baseball bats and a police weapon called a “Telescopic Tonfa” over the past several days. Seven of the top ten “sports and leisure” items experiencing the rapidly increasing sales are baseball bats. Yikes. H/T Andy Carvin.

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  • Lawrence Person

    That is because the UK has essentially banned handguns, and these substitutes are the closest items the law-abiding members of the British public can obtain to protect themselves from the roving gangs of the permanent welfare underclass.

  • Everyman

    Can’t bring a gun to this gun fight; can’t bring a knife, either. Not a baseball country, so obviously the determination of the English to defend themselves and their property is not quite gone yet. There will be no strike threes.

  • vanderleun

    Firearms act of 1997 put paid to self-defense for Brits.

    Now you go to war with the baseball bat you have.

  • Bruno Behrend

    I agree with the above comments. This is the citizenry attempting to arm itself.

    They should start marketing them as “Flash Bats.” (in both the UK and US Sales will explode.

    The short term solution to the problem is really a “Flight 93” mentality. Save your culture. Get a group of concerned citizens together and bull rush these jerks.

    They are cowards, and will collapse at the first contact with righteous reaction.

    Waiting for the police is both a fool’s errand and a coward’s response.

  • Fred

    I’m glad I live in a country that allows me to arm myself and use those arms in self-defense. I’d have no problem whatsoever putting a few of those rabid animals down.

  • Corlyss

    Amen to Lawrence’s remark. I used to argue about gun ownership with a very Blue public school teacher, four-square hostile to gun ownership because his father killed himself with one. I asked him what he would do if a burglar broke into the house he shared with his senile mother. His answer: “Call 911 and flee out the back door. Fleeing is the only intelligent response.” No answer for what his mother’s prospects were in such a scenario.

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