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Barone on Mead

In an article titled “Americans Want the Honor of ‘Earned Success“, Michael Barone riffs thoughtfully on some themes from my recent long form blog post “The Progressive Crisis.” Barone is one of the shrewdest and best informed political observers we have; his yearbook on American politics is the basic text for serious political operatives.  Both parties should pay attention to Barone’s analysis of what Americans want.

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  • Corlyss

    I agree about Barone. I’ve been following him for years, not only the Political Almanac but his writings on American society, it’s composition, and the numbers that support it. When it comes to the voting habits of Congressional districts, there’s no better analyst in the business. I doubt even Karl Rove knows as much about them as Barone does. No joke: he introduced me to the value of the Statistical Abstract, which makes sense of the census data. When he speaks about various Congressional districts, what the demo profile is, what their political histories are, it’s almost as good a guide to the US as the WPA’s Federal Writers’ Project American Guide Series. So imagine my shock and dismay to read in an Amazon customer review that the author, a library official somewhere, had stopped stocking the Almanac because he thought Barone was a right-wing hack! I suppose this same official took Huck Finn off the shelves because it contains the “N” word. The Almanac is too pricey for me to buy new, but if you wait a year, you can pick them up cheap and its protraits of districts change very slowly.

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