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McDonald’s Hires Son of Swedish PM

It isn’t just retired US workers whose municipal pensions with imploded pensions who will be working at Micky D’s. The son of Sweden’s prime minister will soon be flipping burgers at the local McDonald’s. “A little work will be fun! Feels really good,” tweeted burgermeister Gustaf about the new gig.

In the not too distant past, rich and powerful Americans went out of their way to make sure their offspring put in some summer time on hard and dirty jobs.  One of the many Via Meadia nephews spent the toughest summer of his life clearing woodland in North Carolina.  Increasingly, though, ‘summer job’ means air-conditioned internship at some prestigious institute, media company or investment bank.  And if Daddy has been exceptionally generous to the right politicians, a summertime stint in Washington beckons.

I think of Calvin Coolidge, a man Gustaf would have understood pretty well.  One summer while Coolidge was president, he made his son take a job on a tobacco farm.  As they broiled under the sun, one of the other workers asked young Coolidge what his father did for a living.

“He’s president of the United States,” said the boy.

“Lord,” said the other guy.  “If my father was the president, I wouldn’t be working in some tobacco field!”

“If your father was my father you would,” came the answer.

This country won’t be on the right track until the Calvin Coolidge school of child rearing makes a comeback.  In the meantime, hats off to Sweden.

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  • Kenny

    God bless silent Cal.

  • Waldemar Ingdahl

    Dear Sir,

    Not downplaying young Mr. Reinfeldt’s work, of which I know little, I must advice you that Sweden is a country where you certainly have differences in what jobs are provided to youths.

    In many studies (available on the net) you will find that Swedes value personal contacts over their own capabilities. Particularly in our political system, breed is an important factor for determining a successful political career.

    Yours sincerely,

    Waldemar Ingdahl
    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Winston

    Very well said…

  • Acksiom

    I think that if you really wanted a resurgence of “Coolidge”-style fathering, you would actually be doing things to help make it happen, yourself.

    Switching to the passive voice as soon as one recognizes the problem is a common and reliable feminist tell.

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