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Bad News Day in White House

This can’t have been a happy morning around the coffee urn at the White House.  The Washington Post carries several deeply disturbing stories that suggest events are not moving the president’s way.

First, there’s this front pager on the ATF gunrunning scandal.  Internet addicts have watched this one bubble around for some time on the net and, while the details remain fuzzy, it doesn’t look good for the Justice Department.  From the administration point of view, this is a story that needed to stay off the front page.

Next comes this story on a new storm in US-Russia relations.  The Russia reset, despite its inevitable limits, is one of the administration’s most important foreign policy wins.  If that comes unraveled the Carter comparisons grow.

On the economic front we have a poll suggesting that Obama’s approval rating on jobs and the economy continues to slide — with Democrats now throwing their hands up in despair.  And as Cornell West and others start attacking Obama’s record on the African-American left, new data are out saying that the ‘wealth gap’ between the races has dramatically widened.

All presidents have mornings like this one; think of Abraham Lincoln digesting the news from Bull Run 150 years ago.  The biggest surprise is that so many people still seem to want the job.

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  • Ann C Ellwood

    And if you look at the quality of those who seek the office, clearly we aren’t getting the “best and the brightest”, for example the current office holder. His bad day is not happenstance but a product of his own horrible policies. Lincoln was residing over a war of which there are expected to be bad days, but you know that…

  • Toni

    “the ‘wealth gap’ between the races has dramatically widened.”

    And it will almost as dramatically shrink when the stock market slumps.

  • cja

    They say President Obama will raise and spend a billion in “donations.”

    The campaign finance laws are ridiculous.
    Someone needs to ask at what point should all this campaign cash cease being called a donation and start being referred to as the purchase of a presidency?

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