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Newsflash: Americans Want Money

One of the least surprising poll results in modern history comes from Gallup:   Americans’ top source of financial concern is, brace yourself,  “lack of money,” afflicting 17% of those polled.

There are a few people around whose main financial problem is that they keep running out of sacks to store all their money in, but for most of us “lack of money” is pretty much the financial problem par excellence.

But people did give pollsters other responses, and it is a sobering list.  Unemployment ranked fourth on the list, mentioned by 9 percent.  Otherwise the high cost of health care. large amounts of debt and the consequences of inflation worry people most.

I wish more than six percent had mentioned retirement savings as their priority.  Americans need to be saving more and spending less as Medicare in particular simply cannot go on as it is.

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  • Soul

    It would be nice if the US government supported Americans who did save money. Our current policies seem to penalize the saver.

  • Toni

    Polls regularly show that Americans believe they’d be happy if they made 20% more money. Including those who already make 20% more.

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