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What World Muslims Really Think: Hot New Poll Tells All

The Pew Global Attitudes Project has a new, must read poll out on Muslim-Western-Jewish relations, with fascinating results. Take a look here; below are some of the more remarkable conclusions we have pulled out of the survey.

– 53 percent of Muslims in the various countries polled think the lack of prosperity in their nation is due to Western policies, coming in ahead of government corruption, and lack of democracy and education. When in doubt, blame the West.  It doesn’t help, but it might make you feel better.

– Concerned about Islamic extremism? You aren’t alone. Surprisingly high numbers of Muslims polled in predominately Muslim countries are also afraid. Lebanon: 73 percent, Pakistan: 63 percent. Those are very high numbers. Does this indicate a trend away from Islamic terrorism, with increasing numbers of Muslims realizing terrorism is not the answer to their problems? Note that the highest percentage of Muslims fearing Islamic extremism can be found in Israel (77 percent) and Occupied Palestine (78 percent).  To know Hamas may not be to love it.

– Amazingly, 96 percent of Lebanese Muslims view Christians favorably. That is a huge leap forward for Lebanon, which only twenty years ago endured a very bloody civil war where Muslims and Christians fought each other and themselves in a continuously shifting landscape of alliances and hatreds. Note also that only 6 percent of Muslim Turks view Christians favorably. That tells you that many Turks still equate Christianity with Armenians, and that hatred for Armenians is still prevalent: bad news for Turkey’s quickly dwindling population of Christians.

– 9 percent of Israeli Jews view Muslims favorably. While low, that’s a higher figure than Muslim attitudes toward Jews in all the Muslim countries surveyed.

– Fully 75 percent of Muslims in Egypt, 73 percent in Turkey, and 68 percent in Palestine don’t believe Arabs are responsible for the 9/11 attacks.  There is, it appears, a river of denial in Egypt after all.

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